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Corporate Vision

By managing the social, ethical and environmental impact of business activities, we seek to take calculated risks, create sustainable value for our affiliates and contribute positively to a wider economic developments.

Fat Burning

More power to think

Innovative program is giving new meaning
and direction to the lives of executives
who lack the means to realize their

Mind over matter

Dedication and Devotion have been etched on our heads and hearts with a strong belief that personal
achievement of any kind must arise out of positive contribution to one’s community.

Fine-tuning the excellent


Although we synthesize the finest quality of mining chemicals a dedicated team is continuously innovating to polish this art.

Environmental defense


Make way for a cleaner and greener
tomorrow. We are here to fight for our
planet, defend it from contamination.
Eco-friendly disposal of industrial waste.

Expansion and growth


Acquiring a considerable market share in
fields of rubber and agro based chemicals.

The telecom age


With India being one of the most promising I.T. and Telecom hubs on the planet it seem appropriate to venture out into this exponentially growing and expanding field.



Our latest transport strategies focus
on confronting issues like traffic,
environmental damage, safety, fuel
efficiency and affordability.

Energy crisis solution


Make a contribution to solve the energy predicament. Biotechnology based fuel, renewable sources of energy, farming
and many others.