Raigad Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.


At Raigad Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. we believe in perseverance, and take pride to stand by it. We consider hard work as our greatest ally and are confident to winning many battles.

Our brilliant Research and Development team, along with the support from the outstanding production team makes the wheels of our organization turn.

At Raigad Chemicals, we encourage innovative methods of solving issues which under ordinary circumstance would be impossible to resolve.

Our ecological awareness and concern for the environment sets us apart from our contemporaries.

We service the rectification and purification activity for multinationals and make a wide array of products available for the mining and the pharmaceutical industries.

Synchronization of ethics and determination are the core values that we deem to follow here.


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W181, TTC Industrial Area,
Pawane Village, Thane Belapur Road,
Navi Mumbai 400 705.

Email: asrao@raoagroup.com
Tel. :+91 9029419019
+91 22 20877020
+91 22 20879021/22

RCPL History

Started in the year 1989, Raigad Chemicals Private Ltd is one of the three foundation companies of the Rao A. Group of Companies.

Originated as a support operation for Amruta Industries it has evolved into an entity by itself. It has mastered the art of manufacturing rubber chemicals and has created a market for itself.

A partial export oriented unit which has incorporated total quality management techniques, it does not compromise on the excellence and purity of products. Never the less environmental issues have been a priority base concern here at Raigad Chemicals Private Ltd.

Rubber Accelerators are used to speed up the sulfur vulcanization of rubber. Their delayed action allows the necessary processing time to assemble together the various tire components before curing begins.

The thiazoles Naugex MBT and Naugex MBTS are the primary accelerators in many industrial goods, including hose, belts and seals. The other accelerators are used in specialty applications or as secondary accelerators to fine tune the cure rate and more efficient use of sulfur in the crosslinking reaction.

The most recent product to be added to our list is CZ, which is a specialized rubber chemical used for a highly specialized operation.

Also a latest addition to our series is Diazomet which is an agro based chemical.

RCPL Future

We see exciting opportunities for new products and solutions that will help deal with the global challenges of today and tomorrow to improve the quality of both rubber and agro based chemicals in a safe and sustainable way.

  1. Sophisticated equipment, technology and development to meet the future demand.
  2. Solvent free processing to make the synthesis more profitable and environmentally friendly.
  3. Digital integration, process control systems with pin point accuracy, refined machineries and skilled workforce is what we are keen on looking at.
  4. Efforts for further cost cutting measures, advanced engineering and personnel training are being made.
  5. Our R&D team is developing efficient synthesis mechanisms to achieve higher product yields and purity.
  6. We plan to comply with the ISO 9000/14000 norms.
  7. Make the existing process entirely environmentally friendly, using Green technology.
  8. Grab a larger share of the export market.