Dr. Akhil A. Rao


Akhil Rao is a Chemical Engineer from Institute of Chemical Technology,
Mumbai (earlier University Department of Chemical Technology, University of Mumbai).
He has then completed his PhD from University of Florida, USA in the year 2011.Akhil Rao has joined Rao a Group in 2011. Since then he has been involved in
• improving & automating existing technology to give higher yields and better quality products,
• finding out various applications for existing products,
• diversifying the product profile with ground level research and development,
• increasing the customer base and business enhancement
• and expanding and debottlenecking the manufacturing activity to match the ever increasing demand of the existing products.

He sincerely believes that with the ever escalating prices of crude oil it is important to find alternate routes of manufacturing chemical products based on raw materials which are sourced in India or using renewable sources like Bio-Ethanol & Bio-Gas and he is working in that direction.