Dr. Arun S. Rao


“Kathor parishramas pariyai nahi”

(There is absolutely no alternative to hard-work).

These are the word Dr. Rao strongly believes in and stands by them.

Dr. Arun Surendra Rao erected the ‘Rao A. Group of Companies’ all from ground zero. A man of values and veracity, he has efficiently integrated technology and commerce to build this great organization. It is his warmth and affection that he brings to the establishment which is the source of our inspiration.

Dr. Rao completed his schooling, in marathi, from Balmohan Vidhya Mandir, Mumbai. He wanted to take up medicine as his career but fate had in stored a lot more. He completed his bachelors in science (BSc) from the University of Mumbai.


In order to meet his hand to mouth requirement a job was a must. At the age of 19 he took up the apprenticeship of a lab assistant with Union Carbide, Mumbai. He worked as a lab analyst and gained expertised in Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC), Gas Liquid Chromatography (GLC) and Water Analysis.

He worked with Union Carbide, Mumbai for three years after which he was asked to relocate to Union Carbide, Bhopal, a subsidiary pesticide plant. At that same time Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia offered him placement as a water analyst in the Middle East.

Although working was the priority then, Dr. Rao had a vision. He decided to let go of all the job offers and took to his further education. He completed his Masters of Science, by research, in analytical chemistry (MSc) from Baba Atomic Research Center, Mumbai (BARC).

Whilst pursuing his Masters degree he joined Modern Foundries and Engineers, Mumbai where he worked part time for a year.

Soon after his experience with Modern Foundries and Engineers he was employed with Mindia Chemicals Ltd., a JV with US chemical major Monsanto. He worked as a shift analyst where he took the night shift in order to complete his daytime Masters.

In the June of 1979 he tied the knot with Meena Mahadeshwar.

In 1982 he completed his Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in 2,6 Dihydroxy Acetophenone Colourimetry and Compleximetry from Kalina Campus, Mumbai.


Dr. Rao is a member of the Associate Institute of Chemists (AIC) and has published a paper on Gas Liquid Chromatography.

Taking notice of the labor issues at Monsanto USA, India he took up labor law at the Government Law College (GLC). After two years of law he entered trade union activity, soon after which he was elected as a union leader for Mindia.

Night shifts, college and research was not enough, Dr. Rao started trading activity at the Chemical market, Vadgadi. Two years of rigorous schedule made him realize that for an ambitious person like him growth as an employee with Mindia is limited.


In 1981 Dr. started with a new distillation activity at Sudagadh, Pali 120 Km from Mumbai. Mr. Bhave provided a small rent free area, 10 by 10 feet and Mr. Mahimkar supplied the 50 liter distillation facility absolutely at no cost. Here he worked on Toluene purification and distillation.

In the year 1983 Maharashtra State Financial Corporation (MSFC) was allotting shads in Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation, Thane (MIDC) under the Technical Assistance Scheme (TAS)

Dr. Rao was allotted a shed, Beetachem Industries, and the inception of the Rao A. Group of Companies was witnessed. MSFC required a loan repayment in 4 years but with Dr. Rao’s technical competence the loan was repaid in less than 3 years.

The journey had started and there was no looking back now. Beetachem Industries was followed by Amruta Industries then Raigad Chemicals Private Ltd. and so on and so forth. The recessaion in chemical industry from 1995 to 2000 was also handled with grace and poise by the Rao A. Group of Companies.

In 1995 Dr. Rao and M/s. Amruta Industries was honored with an Export Excellence award.
Dr. Rao received the Udyogshree Award as an elite Businessman in the year 1995.Dr. Rao believes that service to man is service to god. Monetary aid is provided each year to two cancer patients. Innumerous donations for public schools, hospitals and gardens are made available by him. He has created employment for several and many a times has given interest free loans to his personnel for employee colonies.He strongly follows the principles of Think, Note and Act. His ability to synchronize the entire band of his workforce under one roof makes him popular among his personnel.